Essential Guide for Non-Project Managers

Discover five effective strategies for best-in-class project management.

The keys to being a great manager leader are: not doing the work yourself but delegating effectively, encouraging data-backed decision making, setting clear goals and expectations, inspiring others to do it, and guiding them on their path.

With basic project management knowledge, you can master all of these skills and ensure your team is on the right path to delivering real business results.

By reading this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Plan and delegate work effectively
  • Enable your team members to make decisions with the right information
  • Stay focused on results and the big picture
  • Develop yourself into a better leader

Become a subject matter expert in project management and learn to guide your team members to success.

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Nervous first-time project managers sometimes try to “take charge” by telling people what to do — even when those people already know what to do.