Understanding the Hidden Cost of Spreadsheets

Too many spreadsheets? Learn why business leaders are turning to low-code customizable databases instead of spreadsheets to automate process and reporting. 

To move fast and keep costs low, many people use spreadsheets to manage projects. However, spreadsheets bring a variety of risks that restrict ability to scale with growing teams, regulate competently, and adjust to changing business processes and needs.

Download this eBook to see the hidden costs of spreadsheets and learn how an alternative cost-effective, cloud-based and customizable database with project management applications will help you to:

  • Improve productivity and response times
  • Increase quality and reduce manual administrative work
  • Enhance decision-making with real-time data visibility
  • Centralize your data and automate reporting and distribution

Based on a study of 700+ business, operations, and IT professionals, this eBook will provide the catalyst you need to ensure your team is on the forefront of digital transformation.

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"Spreadsheets are not a database. They are too limited and can’t be updated by multiple people at the same time."
Hunter Walker, CTO, Atlantic Research Group