Understanding Your Business Process

6 Steps to Creating a Process Map

Discover how to diagnose and overcome process challenges, and reach desired business outcomes more quickly. 

Inefficient processes cost your team time and money. Having a clear understanding of your process is critical to increasing productivity and maximizing your resources. The first step is to develop a process map to help you organize your process and start identifying potential solutions.

By reading this eBook, you will learn how to examine your unique business process and:

  • Outline and draw a clear map of it in six steps
  • Define it's key components that drive your business 
  • Diagnose problems or opportunity areas

Whether you manage projects, people, tasks, materials, budget or another key business element, you can benefit by evaluating your current business process.

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“A good way to identify what you need to track is to think about the 'who's' and 'what's' of your process”