Early Stage Digital Transformation: Leaving Your Legacy Systems Behind

Discover how to reduce maintenance costs and boost productivity by modernizing your IT systems in this on-demand webinar.

Are the expenses and hassles of legacy systems holding your company back? Your business may spend around 70% of its IT budget1 just to maintain aging systems such as SAP, Oracle, Lotus, NetSuite, SharePoint, and more. Yet data is locked away from other systems and it can't adapt to your company's needs.

Upgrading to technology that is more agile, secure, and connected can reduce your maintenance costs and increase business productivity. And making the switch is easier than you think – you have options besides a full "rip and replace".

Find out more in this on-demand webinar, featuring Adam Hoover, Solutions Engineer from QuickBase, Inc. You'll walk away with actionable insights on how to:

  • Identify the risks of using aging systems
  • Choose the best option for dealing with outdated technology
  • Use our Action Plan to launch your digital transformation
  • Overcome barriers and reduce risk for a successful implementation

If your challenges with legacy systems continue to grow, join us for this "can't miss" webinar.

1 Source: InformationWeek

Adam Hoover

Solutions Engineer | QuickBase, Inc.

As an advocate for continuous improvement, Adam leverages his experience with customers, as well as his history working for both large and small organizations, in order to create, gain, and provide new insights to an increasingly diverse community of QuickBase users.

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"Businesses spend up to 70% of their IT budgets maintaining legacy systems."
- InformationWeek