Independent Research Reveals How Enterprises Can Achieve 260% ROI With QuickBase

Find out the specific cost savings and business benefits your company can expect to receive with our low-code app development platform in this on-demand webinar.

Have you heard about low-code app development but wonder what it all means for you and your business?

For the first time, Forrester Consulting conducted a detailed study, commissioned by QuickBase, of the cost savings and business benefits of its low-code app tools. And the results are in: a composite organization, based on interviewed customers, saw on average a $7.2 million total value from using QuickBase.1

Join our guest speaker Adrienne Capaldo, Total Economic Impact Consultant at Forrester, and QuickBase for this special on-demand webinar. You'll discover the impact QuickBase can have on your company, including:

  • New study findings on the ROI your company can expect to receive
  • A helpful framework to evaluate the potential financial impact
  • Specific cost savings and business benefits, detailed in dollars and cents

See for yourself how QuickBase demonstrates the value of a low-code app PaaS for real-world companies.

1 The Total Economic Impact™ of QuickBase, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of QuickBase, April 2016

Adrienne Capaldo

Consultant | Forrester

Adrienne is a consultant with Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) consulting practice. She works with Forrester clients to measure and communicate the value of vendor solutions for IT and business initiatives, providing ROI business cases based on the costs, benefits, flexibility, and risk associated with specific investments.

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"It's easy to learn, it's interactive, and it's just so quick to get from start to finish building an application."
- Program Manager featured in Forrester's "The Total Economic Impact™ of QuickBase" study