Get Complete Business Process Visibility in 30 Days

Find out how to view all your processes in one place to gain buy-in, reduce waste, and improve efficiency in this on-demand webinar.

You can't fix what you can't measure. That's why achieving total visibility into your company's processes – both on their own and all together – is the key to business growth.

But many process leaders spend hours and hours tracking down status updates and compiling data from myriad sources. Your time could be used for more mission-critical projects, like finding the hidden inefficiencies that eat away at corporate profits.

You'll discover how to centralize all your key processes in one place using low-code tools, making it easy to identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and report successes.

Join Steven Bonacorsi, President at the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS), along with Adam Hoover and Sean MacPherson of QuickBase, for this exclusive on-demand webinar. You'll discover how to:

  • Quickly find areas of waste and build process structures to eliminate them
  • Gain executive buy-in to ensure success of your process improvement projects
  • See real-time status updates of all your initiatives – all in one place
  • Save valuable time through tailored alerts, notifications, and dashboards

Steven Bonacorsi

President | International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)

Steven is an executive Master Black Belt leading large scale business transformation projects globally in multiple industries and an expert in Kaizen event for rapid project execution.

His broad range of qualifications include an MBA, Masters in Computer Information Systems (MS-CIS) and numerous IT certifications. Having worked in Hertz, Xerox and General Electric, Steven has vast experience across a number of industries.

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"Business processes often take place under a cloak of invisibility, and because they are invisible we are not measuring them, and it is hard or even impossible to see when things go wrong."
- Steven Bonacorsi, President at International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)