Unlocking Hard-To-Reach Data With No-Code Integration

Find out how to easily access and connect data stored in any system to drive decision-making and seamless processes in this on-demand webinar.

Are you struggling to access vital business data locked in your company's on-premises systems?

In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover how business professionals can easily and automatically connect to data stored in any system, on premises or in the cloud, via CSV files in the cloud to drive seamless processes and better decisions.

Hear Michael Wacht and Scott Lasenby from Helm explain how a leading distribution company transformed a key business process, saving their accounting department 300 hours a year.

Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Access critical data stored in hard-to-reach systems via CSV files in the cloud with no code
  • Leverage valuable data to drive seamless processes and better decisions
  • Eliminate copy/paste and manual imports between systems
  • Use a top app development platform designed for business professionals and its built-in no-code integration feature to automatically pull critical business data and instantly put it to use

Michael Wacht

VP of Operations and Infrastructure | Helm

Michael has more than 20 years of technology, operations and fulfillment experience in both domestic and international distribution channels encompassing ecommerce, consumer, wholesale, and OEM markets.

Scott Lazenby

Supervisor, Financial Planning & Analytics | Helm

Scott has been with Helm for 5 years and is the supervisor for financial planning and analytics.

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"We believe that we can shorten our order-to-cash cycle by at least two weeks by automating the Accounts Receivable process with QuickBase Sync for CSV. With 14,000 invoices per year, you can imagine the positive impact that would have on our cash flow. In addition, the new process will save our accounting team about 300 hours a year."
- Michael Wacht, VP of Operations and Infrastructure, Helm