State of Citizen Development Report 2015

Embrace the Citizen Development movement within your organization, and begin digital transformation today.

The previously distinct worlds of business and central IT are converging more every day. While these two functions were once at odds with one another, new low-code technology is now enabling these two groups to seamlessly collaborate to drive greater productivity.

Today a new class of “Citizen Developers” is rising within business organizations of every size, self-servicing application production with the broad oversight and governance of IT. To learn more about the critical role Citizen Developers are playing in mid-market and enterprise-level organizations, QuickBase interviewed over 140 customers who self-identified as either Citizen Developers or as those in IT who support Citizen Development. The groundbreaking findings are presented in this whitepaper.

Learn how organizations like yours:

  • Support self-service technology solutions, while maintaining governance and oversight
  • Quantify and maximize the added value of Citizen Development
  • Foster a culture of true low-code Citizen Development
  • Accelerate digital transformation by providing business leaders with the right tools and frameworks for low-code app development success

By reading this whitepaper, you’ll uncover the insights you need to make Citizen Development work for you and your organization.

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"By 2020, at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful citizen development policies, up from 20% in 2010."1
Gartner, Inc.