Driving Digital Transformation via Rapid Application Development

Discover 5 key lessons on driving change from innovative IT leaders in this valuable eBook.

The digital workplace has arrived, revolutionizing the way that businesses operate. Even companies outside the technology industry are beginning to transform into streamlined, highly innovative operations.

Powering this shift is a trend called “rapid application development” – the practice of quickly creating technology solutions to address common business challenges without writing a single line of code.

In this eBook, you’ll learn 5 key lessons for using rapid application development to your advantage and discover how to:

  • More closely align IT and the business to meet common goals
  • Hire more effectively within IT to boost productivity and add more value
  • Encourage self-service among end users, saving your team time for other mission-critical projects
  • Create governance policies that balance rigor, speed, and security
  • Evaluate IT investments to ensure they make a lasting impact

Every business can benefit from embracing digital transformation. Find out how you can lead the rapid application development movement within your own company.

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“To tell somebody they have to wait for something like a software solution in the workplace is just not acceptable anymore. You have a community of non-technical users out there that are ready and willing and able to dive right into a rapid application development platform.”
- Kevin Fish | Sr. Director, Field Systems and eCommerce, Wingstop Restaurants