An Introduction to Citizen Development: Bringing Shadow IT into the Light

According to GigaOM, 81% of business employees use unauthorized SaaS applications. Unchecked, "Shadow IT" applied to business applications can raise havoc — dragging your digital transformation efforts down, slowing innovation, and potentially putting your business and data at risk.   

There is a better way to control Shadow IT and foster innovation — citizen development with the support of IT and business.

It empowers business users to create and update apps while IT retains governance, resulting in a win-win for everyone: a reduction of IT backlogs, faster and more effective processes for business lines, and a cost savings of thousands of dollars per month.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • The major drivers behind Shadow IT
  • Top advantages of citizen development over Shadow IT
  • Key considerations for uniting citizen and IT developers
  • A real-world business transformation powered by citizen development

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“Use of a citizen development-based business application development platform reduced the backlog on average by 65% compared to traditional development."

- 2016 State of Citizen Development Report, QuickBase, Inc.