"The State of Citizen Development"

On-Demand Webinar

Discover how citizen development is revolutionizing how non-technical users solve business problems in ways never before possible

There’s no doubt, citizen development has become not just a competitive advantage but also a business necessity.

Non-technical users are now able to solve their own business challenges quickly and without coding. In fact, 76% percent of them told us that application building is now a part of their everyday jobs.

But what is driving this movement and what does it mean for your business? Hear the latest results from our recent study, "The State of Citizen Development", in this on-demand webinar.

You'll discover:

  • What citizen development is and the reasons for its fast growth
  • How custom applications can be built in weeks, not months
  • 3 new strategies for IT and business users to collaborate
  • Top industries being transformed by this trend

You'll also hear from a citizen developer at a leading consumer technology company explain how he built applications that drove a 93% process improvement for discount approvals, leading to greater sales volume.

Mark Levitt

Senior Marketing Manager | QuickBase

Mark’s passion is enabling organizations to listen to the voice of the customer. Interviews, surveys and data analytics are his primary tools for producing the insights needed for effective solution development, marketing and sales strategies.

John Harvey

Business Intelligence Manager | Micron Consumer Products Group

John loves solving data problems by either finding information or building systems to fix the data problems. He has a knack for seeing trends before they catch companies off guard.

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53% of citizen developers are able to build applications in less than 2 weeks while 67% of traditional application developers require more than 2 months

– 2016 State of Citizen Development Report, QuickBase